about us

In 1909, Abdallah's opened its first location at Lake St. and Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Albert and Helen Abdallah sold candy, cut flowers, cigars and fruit from their corner store. During Prohibition and by the 19030's, Abdallah's now a stylish gathering spot and restaurant was best known for their quality and extravagant sundaes of overwhelming proportions. In 1939, Abdallah's sundaes, malts, sodas and candies were made and saved in decadent fashion. Quality was a distinction that Mr. Abdallah contributed to their ongoing success. During WWII, while gasoline was rationed, local patrons now arriving by streetcar, promenade into Abdallah's as they visit the city lakes for recreation. Reopening in 1937, after the depression, Abdallah's moved to its second location closer to Lake Calhoun.  Its unique walk-a-way and self-service ice cream window was one of a kind. Confections soon accompanied the ice cream and soda fountain. So much so that by 1955 Abdallah's opened their first candy kitchen nearby at 38th St. and Cedar Ave. in Minneapolis, Minnesota.