How Is Chocolate Made?

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods of all time-nearly everyone loves the stuff, and it comes in a multitude of forms, from hot cocoa to chocolate cake to Snickers bars to high-end truffles. But how is it made? The process can take weeks from start to finish, or it can take less time, depending on the quality of the chocolate.

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Unique Ways People Around the World Enjoy Chocolate

It’s hard not to love chocolate. Its versatile nature makes it easy for any person to find a type they like, whether they prefer the creamy sweetness of milk chocolate or the bitter tang of dark chocolate. And because chocolate pairs so well with other ingredients like nuts and fruits, you can spend your whole life trying different varieties.

Loving chocolate isn’t exclusive to one country or culture. Wherever you go in the world, you can find chocolate in some form or another. In addition to traditional chocolate bars and candies, many countries have found fun and unique ways to consume chocolate. Some creative chocolate uses have cultural significance, and some just taste delicious.

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4 Popular Chocolate Myths Dissolved

Statistics estimate that we eat an average of 7.2 million tons of chocolate worldwide every year. In the US, about 1 in 4 adults will eat a minimum of one candy each day, with chocolate representing about 50% of their intake.

As chocolate plays a significant role in our culture, it often becomes the center of countless rumors and myths. These myths are generally harmless; however, they can make eating chocolate less enjoyable for some, and they may discourage a few individuals from eating chocolate entirely.

Before you swear off chocolate, take a look at the following myths and facts about your favorite snack.

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Choosing Chocolates: 4 Surefire Options for the Unsure GiftGiver

When you choose a food-based gift for someone, you may feel stuck on your flavor options. Sometimes, such as during anonymous gift exchanges or early relationship celebrations, you may not know the exact preferences of your recipient. So what do you choose?

In this blog, we list four of the most popular chocolate candy types. Chances are, your date, coworker, or family member’s favorite confection is on this list. Continue reading Choosing Chocolates: 4 Surefire Options for the Unsure GiftGiver

Chocolate and Cardiovascular Health: Why Not to Dechox

You may have heard about a health fad that has been gaining popularity in recent months: dechox. The idea is that, by completely eliminating chocolate from your diet, you improve your overall health and strengthen your heart. A detox with chocolate.

While it is proven that chocolate is actually quite healthy for you, these fads continue to arise. Is there any truth to it? Does chocolate damage the heart? Are you in danger because you enjoy a sweet chocolate treat from time to time?

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Buying Chocolate? 6 Secrets to Find the Highest Quality Chocolates

For you, chocolate is a sensory experience. You don’t just inhale; you savor and explore. Each bite you consume becomes a celebration for your taste buds. And whenever possible, you try to draw out each experience so you can enjoy your chocolate to the fullest.

But not all chocolate deserves your time and attention. Cheap chocolates taste more like cardboard than sugar. And some chocolates have a grainy texture that you find off-putting.

Fortunately, you can weed out the inferior chocolates from the divine with a few easy steps. As you shop for your next box of chocolate-covered caramels or malted milk balls, make sure your chocolate has all of the following. Continue reading Buying Chocolate? 6 Secrets to Find the Highest Quality Chocolates

Host the Perfect Chocolate Tasting With These Pairings

Few things seem to heal a soul more than a box of high-quality chocolates. Many chocolatiers offer various candies, including caramel- or coconut-filled squares, mint crème-filled rounds, and nut-sprinkled wedges. And with such an overwhelming array of mouthwatering confections, it seems almost impossible to choose a favorite.

However, many people wonder if chocolate can be paired with other flavors. They even consider hosting a chocolate tasting to determine which food items match well with different types of chocolate.

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7 Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate

If you feel the need to nibble on a chocolate bar throughout your day, you’re not alone. A Psychology Today study reports that Americans crave chocolate more than any other food item. But when you feel the urge to indulge in the rich taste of quality chocolate, an alarm may go off in the back of your head.

Your friends claim that snacking on chocolate will ruin your latest diet attempt, or that it will overload your caloric intake. Maybe you imagine your trainer’s face in your mind as you unwrap a bite-sized morsel.

When you arm yourself with the proper facts, you won’t have to worry about justifying your cravings any longer. Medical professionals have identified seven health benefits that the right serving of chocolate can give you. Read these tips the next time someone tries to separate you from your rightful craving. Continue reading 7 Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate

A Sensory Experience: Taste Chocolate Like an Expert

Imagine the taste of your favorite chocolate: the rich color, the sound it makes as you take a bite, the tantalizing smell. When you bite into a high-quality chocolate bar or truffle, you don’t just delight your taste buds-all of your senses get involved to give you a blissful experience.

Expert chocolate tasters recognize that chocolate overloads your senses with its aroma, texture, and bittersweet taste. That’s why chocolate tasters take their time to absorb the information with each of their senses and enjoy every last morsel.

Whether you have experience in food and winetasting or you just want to enhance your ability to enjoy candies and chocolates, you need to know how to use your five senses to your advantage. Read through our list to find out how to judge high-quality chocolates like an expert. Continue reading A Sensory Experience: Taste Chocolate Like an Expert