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Abdallah Candies

Visit Our FactorY STORE

If you have ever wondered how Abdallah Candies makes their classic confections, now is your chance to see for yourself! You are invited to visit the Abdallah chocolate factory store and catch a first-hand glimpse into the world of gourmet chocolate. While we do not offer factory tours for food safety reasons, there are other ways for you to see how we make your favorite chocolates.

Viewing Window & Video Monitors

The easiest way to see inside the Abdallah Chocolate Factory is to look inside our viewing window or designated video monitors in the store. These will be available to you whenever the store is open! The video gives the opportunity to see where we make our candies, the equipment we use, and the steps we go through to ensure our confections are fresh and delicious! After seeing inside the factory, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with freshly made chocolates just like the ones you saw being made.

*The window is open Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm

Accommodation for Bus Tours

The best way to catch a glimpse into our Apple Valley chocolate factory is with a bus visit to our store. While you do not get a full tour for food safety reasons, you will get a more complete insider experience. See first-hand how your favorite gourmet confections are created and where they come from.  In addition, bus visits receive several additional accommodations:

  • History of Abdallah Chocolates
  • Explanation of how the chocolate behind the window is being made
  • Samples of the monthly special
  • Learn about our Imperfects
  • FREE gift at the conclusion of your visit

A group must arrive in a bus to receive these accommodations. Get a group of chocolate lovers together and embark on a unique chocolate experience to learn more about the Abdallah Chocolate Factory.

Have more questions about your visit? Contact us for more information. We hope to see you soon!

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