Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him or Anyone Hard to Shop For

It can be difficult to shop for some people on Valentine's Day. If you've been with someone for a long time, you might be wary of giving the same type of gift you gave in years prior. If you haven't been together for very long, you might be unsure how...

Best Chocolate for Valentine’s Day: How to Find the Best Gift

Valentine's Day is a special occasion for many people. Adults and kids alike display their affection by gifting red hearts, flowers, and delicious chocolates. If you're planning to give a gift this Valentine's Day, the chocolate you choose can definitely...

7 Fun & Unique Holidays for Gifting Chocolate

Every day can be a holiday or some type of reason to celebrate. Thanks to the internet, a number of special days have spread online and have become the cause for celebration for many people. While following these days, you can discover new celebrations, fun ways to...

2 Famous Chocolate Pairings and the Science Behind Them

Have you ever noticed that certain ingredients make chocolate taste even more delicious? The sense of taste is remarkable, and certain pairings can complement the flavors in both the chocolate and the food it's paired with. Here are two of the most famous chocolate...

Love Chocolate And Candy? Celebrate These Sweet Holidays

You may have heard of-or even celebrated-obscure holidays like National Talk Like a Pirate Day. But did you know that there are dozens of holidays throughout the year that celebrate different treats? The National Confectioners Association created most of these...

9 Unexpected Occasions That Call for a Chocolate Gift Box

People normally think of buying a chocolate gift box for romantic celebrations like Valentine's Day or anniversaries. But a box of gourmet chocolates can be the ideal gift for many other celebrations as well. Chocolate is the perfect gift...

How Is Chocolate Made?

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods of all time-nearly everyone loves the stuff, and it comes in a multitude of forms, from hot cocoa to chocolate cake to Snickers bars to high-end truffles. But how is chocolate made? The process can take weeks from start to...

Unique Ways People Around the World Enjoy Chocolate

It's hard not to love chocolate. Its versatile nature makes it easy for any person to find a type they like, whether they prefer the creamy sweetness of milk chocolate or the bitter tang of dark chocolate. And because chocolate pairs so well...

4 Popular Chocolate Myths Dissolved

Statistics estimate that we eat an average of 7.2 million tons of chocolate worldwide every year. In the US, about 1 in 4 adults will eat a minimum of one candy each day, with chocolate representing about 50% of their intake. As chocolate plays a significant role in...

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