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You may have heard of-or even celebrated-obscure holidays like National Talk Like a Pirate Day. But did you know that there are dozens of holidays throughout the year that celebrate different treats?

The National Confectioners Association created most of these candy-focused holidays. These holidays give people around the country a chance to honor and enjoy some of their favorite candies and chocolates.

Here are just a few sweet holidays to put on your calendar.


January 3rd: National Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day

Start your year off right by celebrating this decadent holiday. Chocolate-covered cherries are cherries coated in chocolate liqueur or sugar syrup and dipped in chocolate. They’re perfect on top of ice cream or just eaten by themselves. Invite some friends over for chocolate-covered cherries and conversation.

January 8th: National English Toffee Day

If you’ve never tried English toffee, January 8the is a great day to take your first bite. An English toffee consists of caramelized sugar and butter with almonds on top. To make toffee, chefs boil the ingredients and then pour them into a tray to cool.

February 19th: National Chocolate Mint Day

Who doesn’t love the melt-in-your-mouth taste of a chocolate mint? The combination of chocolate and mint has delighted people for hundreds of years. Chocolate mint is a popular candy, cookie, and ice cream flavor take your pick when it comes to indulging your sweet tooth this February.

Week of March 3rdAmerican Chocolate Week

Many candy companies celebrate American Chocolate Week with sales and promotions. This week offers you a great chance to try a chocolate treat you’ve never eaten before. Consider stepping out to try truffles, peanut butter bites, or marshmallow squares. Make this holiday about friends and family by buying a chocolate box for a friend!

March 19th: National Chocolate Caramel Day

Caramel is the delicious result of caramelizing sugar. Besides standing on its own as a candy, caramel is also used as a topping for ice cream, cake, and apples. People throughout the world love the mix of chocolate and caramel, so take this opportunity to treat yourself to a chocolate caramel.

May 12th: National Nutty Fudge Day

Fudge is a creamy mix of butter, sugar, and milk. It’s a fun treat that’s been around since at least the late 19the century. In order to create fudge’s unique texture, chefs must heat the ingredients to 240 degrees Fahrenheit and beat the ingredients while they cool. Adding nuts to the mixture gives it a delightful

May 15th: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the country’s favorite desserts. They were invented in 1938 by Ruth Graves Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn. Knowing her lodgers loved her butterscotch nut cookie, she tweaked the recipe to create the world-famous chocolate chip cookie. Celebrate the holiday by making your own batch of cookies and sharing with friends, neighbors, and family members.

May 23rd: National Taffy Day

The process of making taffy is fascinating. Chefs use taffy-pulling machines to stretch the taffy mixture until it is light and chewy. There are many different types of taffy, but one of the most common is salt water taffy-which doesn’t actually contain salt water.

Instead, “salt water taffy” is simply the name New Jersey coastal towns gave to their taffy. Celebrate by going to a candy store and watching the employees make taffy-you’ll be fascinated by the process and enjoy the tasty treat it produces.

July 28th: National Milk Chocolate Day

Milk chocolate is almost certainly the most popular chocolate type in America. It’s made with liquid, powder, or condensed milk. The first milk chocolate candy was developed by Swiss confectioners Daniel Peter and Henri Nestle in 1875. This type of chocolate stuck around for centuries and became so popular that it earned its own celebratory day.

September 13th: International Chocolate Day

This holiday happens each year on Milton S. Hershey’s birthday. Hershey, of course, is the founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company.

Which chocolate should you eat on International Chocolate Day? Whichever is your favorite. Whether you’re a fudge fan or a chocolate caramel connoisseur, this is a great day to order a box of your favorite chocolates.

September 22nd: National White Chocolate Day

White chocolate is unique because it does not contain solid cocoa. However, it does contain sugar, milk, and cocoa butter. Many people enjoy white chocolate because of its unique creamy texture. If you normally eat milk or dark chocolate, use this holiday as an excuse to try a square of white chocolate. Who knows-it might become your new favorite treat.

November 4th: National Candy Day

Like International Chocolate Day, National Candy Day gives you the excuse to enjoy all your different treats. Whether you prefer taffy to licorice or caramel to chocolate, take advantage of this holiday to indulge your sweet tooth and snack on your favorite treat.

Whether you need your daily dose of milk chocolate or you’re more of a toffee person, celebrating these holidays can help you remember and enjoy some of your favorite treats. Turn to your favorite candy company to order all your favorites!

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