Custom Chocolate Box
  4-Tray Pick N’ Pack

Pick N Pack

Build your own chocolate box

Our Pick N Packs allow you to build a box of chocolates to your desires, ranging from 2-tiers to 8-tiers. Just choose which chocolates you want and we will send you your own custom chocolate box. Pick N Pack is the easiest way to make a custom chocolate arrangement online that satisfies all your desires. Tray weight varies depending on chocolate selected from 6 to 8 ounces. To get started, simply choose how many tiers you want. You’ll then be able to select from our list of possible chocolates, write an optional gift message, and head to checkout.

Start Your Pick n Pack

Build Your Own Chocolate Box 2 Tray
Build Your Own Chocolate Box 4 Tray
Build Your Own Chocolate Box 6 Tray
Build Your Own Chocolate Box 8 Tray

Custom Chocolate Boxes

Our Pick N Pack option contains specialty options that aren’t available in other boxed chocolates. Create the perfect gift with a custom box of chocolates, containing all your favorite confections! These custom chocolate gift boxes are great for any situation, and are a popular way of getting your ideal candy assortment. 

Popular options to include in your custom box of chocolates: French Silk Truffles, Margarita Truffles, Marshmallow Squares, and Peanut Butter Cups! Pick a size and start your sweet gift today. 

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