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Abdallah Candies


Our world famous caramel comes in a number of creamy, delicious flavors. Choose your favorite or create your own custom assortment!

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  • Mix-n-Match Caramels

  • Gift Wrap Available

    Assorted Caramels

  • Vanilla Caramels

  • Sea Salt Caramels

    Sea Salt Caramels

  • Caramel Apple Caramels

  • Pumpkin Pie Caramels

  • Vanilla Walnut Caramels

  • Butter Rum Caramels

  • Chocolate Caramels

  • Pecan Alligator Caramels

    Pecan Alligator® Caramels

  • Pecan Caramel Nougat Caramels

  • 1.5 lb Bag – Old Fashion Butter Caramels

  • Sugar-Free Caramel Fudge

    Sugar Free Chocolate Vanilla Caramels

  • Chocolate & Vanilla Caramels

  • sugar-free vanilla caramels

    Sugar Free Vanilla Caramels

  • Caramel Apple Kits

    Caramel Apple Kits

  • Caramel Dip Tubs with Apple Slices

    Caramel Dip Tubs

  • Bourbon Butter Caramels

  • Licorice Caramels

  • Old Fashion Butter Caramels

  • Old Fashioned Butter & Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

  • Sale!

    Bulk Dipping Caramel


At Abdallah Candies, you can pick the perfect mixture of caramels to purchase. Mix and match either two or four types of caramels, choosing from 10 delicious flavors including caramel apple, chocolate caramel, vanilla caramel, and more. Alternatively, you can choose sugar free vanilla caramels. Each assortment is completely up to you and can be seasonally wrapped for no additional fee. Our caramel candy is world famous for its smooth texture, and we’re happy to share it with you.

If you decide to send a personalized box of caramels to celebrate a special occasion, you can also include a gift message. Whatever the occasion, Abdallah has the caramel candies you’re looking for.

Caramels at Abdallah

Abdallah Candies has a long tradition of making the smoothest caramel with the highest quality ingredients possible. Our family-owned company has spent over five generations perfecting original recipes. With quality ingredients, natural flavors, and a love for the sweet things in life, we’ve created some of the best caramel candy in Minnesota and throughout the world.

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