Hoping to create the perfect Easter Basket this year? We’ve got you covered. Include the following candies to make a splash this Easter, or check out our Easter Basket ideas for what else to include in your basket.

Easter is one of the biggest candy-giving holidays, and the season has as rich of a history as the chocolate itself. While there are a number of seasonal classics that you can’t miss out on, you also can find year round chocolate that is seasonally branded. Because the season is so closely associated with the arrival of spring, anything that reminds you of spring makes for a perfect game. Keeping that in mind, we’ll start with the classic Easter-time sweets that should be included in any basket.


Classic Easter Candy to Include in Your Basket

There are a number of seasonal candies that anyone would love to receive for Easter:


Chocolate Eggs

Easter Basket Ideas

Chocolate Eggs are the oldest and most popular Easter Candy, so it’s easy to say that no basket would be complete without them. What some people don’t know is that there are many more options than just simple mass produced eggs. Jumbo chocolate eggs are a fun addition that are based off the classic design, and often come in unique flavors such as sea salt caramel or french silk. Mix up the colors and sizes of the eggs to add some variety to your basket. 

Chocolate Bunnies

Chocolate Bunny - Gift Ideas

Chocolate bunnies were the first shape that Easter Candy was formed into, other than the basic shape of an egg. The classic milk or dark chocolate bunnies are perfect for anyone who loves chocolate, and the shape makes it a perfect festive treat. You might also bring up a fun debate about the proper way to eat a chocolate rabbit: Starting or ending with the ears. Make sure you stick with quality chocolate for your chocolate bunny! 

White Chocolate Bunnies

White Chocolate Easter Bunny

What’s better than a chocolate bunny? A gourmet white chocolate bunny that looks more like the iconic Easter Bunny! White chocolate Easter Bunnies are newer, and not given quite as often as the other flavors. Still, anyone who likes white chocolate will love getting this treat. 

Jelly Beans

Classic Easter Basket Ideas

Jelly Beans are an Easter tradition that started in the 1930’s, and has quickly turned into possibly the favorite Easter sweet. The mini candies have the bright colors that people love in spring, and are also egg-shaped, making them perfect for Easter. While red jelly beans are reportedly the favorite, a variety of flavors exist. Fill plastic eggs with jelly beans for your basket, or get a bagful to add some color and sweetness! 

Marshmallow & Chocolate

Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

There aren’t many flavors that are associated with Spring, you mostly just see particular colors and shapes that let you know something is Easter candy. Marshmallow is perhaps the only exception to this. Whether you’re looking for sugared marshmallows or chocolate covered marshmallows, the flavor is loved at Easter time and would make a great addition to your Easter basket. 

Anything Spring Themed

Easter Basket and Spring Candy Ideas

This one might be cheating a little bit, but you shouldn’t be afraid to add year round favorites to the Easter Basket. Almost every candy will come in an Easter variant, whether it is a different packaging or different shape. You can find tasty selections made specifically for Easter or find any other candy will colorful pastel packaging. No matter what someone’s favorite candy is, you can find a way to incorporate it into the basket. This way, you know they’ll love it. 

Other Easter Basket Ideas

Choosing candies to give in your Easter Basket shouldn’t be too difficult because almost everyone loves chocolate. If you build out your basket with decorations or gifts, you have a little more research to do. You also need to know who you’re creating a basket for. Follow these Easter Basket Ideas to figure out the best gifts for anyone you might be buying for.


Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Toddlers and young kids love Easter more than anyone. After all, it’s free candy! Beyond the candy, this could be a good opportunity to get some gifts for outdoor spring fun! Easter is late this year, meaning even those of us in colder climates can prepare for spring weather! Here are some small, colorful gifts that are great for an early spring gift:

  • Bubbles: Get outside and blow some bubbles! 
  • Chalk for the sidewalk: Toddlers and young kids will love drawing on the sidewalk or driveway with colorful chalk.
  • Markers or crayons: Help your toddler express themselves, and add some more color to your basket!
  • Sunglasses: Prepare for the sunny spring and summer with an extra pair of sunglasses
  • Small books: Small, playful books are always fun gifts for Toddlers
  • Play-Doh: Colorful, and a favorite for young children!
  • Dolls, Action Figures, & Toy Cars: A fun toy for any young child!


Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Kids will appreciate the candy even more than toddlers, meaning don’t be afraid to stick with chocolates! For Easter Basket stuffers, find something to help your family celebrate the warm weather or to help you all spend time together. Keep your gifts colorful and small enough to fit in the basket: 

  • Sunglasses or goggles for summer: Sunglasses and goggles both get lost easily, and will be in heavy use soon!
  • Bouncy Balls: Bouncy balls are fun to play with and come in great colors.
  • Fun books: Any chance you can give a kid a book, you take it.
  • Yo-Yo: Bright, and easy to play with inside or out. 
  • Card Games: Family fun that will bring you closer.
  • “Kid” jewelry: Depending on the age, add in a bracelet or something wearable! 
  • $5 Gift Card to their favorite store: Go out for ice cream or buy something in their favorite video game. 
  • Crafting Kits and other art supplies: Help foster creativity!
  • Journal: It’s always nice for a kid to have a journal available.
  • Themed backpack charms: Help the kids express themselves at school with a fun backpack charm.
  • A shirt from their favorite show or game: Roll it up for a bigger gift in the basket!
  • Fidget toys: Beyond just spinners, fidget toys are all the rage and come in lots of fun colors.


Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

If the Easter Bunny is planning to give you an Easter Basket, or if you’re planning to make one for someone else, there’s a number of things you can add that aren’t candy! 

  • Cooking Supplies: It’s easy to create a full basket with only cooking supplies! Make sure you add some pastels if you decide to go this route!
  • Relaxation Kit: Add some nice candles along with a bubble bath and champagne, or whatever else will help you relax!
  • Notes from Family: Instead of filling the plastic Easter Eggs with candy, fill them with loving handwritten notes from the kids or a loved one!
  • Gardening Supplies: Prepare your garden by giving seeds, gardening equipment, or flowers to plant! 
  • Anything spring shaped: Flower shaped soap, bunny salt and pepper shakers, or anything else that reminds you of spring.
  • Flowers: If you’re buying for someone else, flowers are always a great way to show you care.
  • Interesting books: Get the reader in your life something nice to read while snacking on their Easter chocolate!


We hope this guide has gotten you thinking about Easter Basket Ideas for the people in your life. Feel free to comment if you think we missed something! If you’re ready to start shopping for your Easter Candy, check out our entire spring selection to find gourmet options and beautifully crafted chocolates!

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