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It can be difficult to shop for some people on Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been with someone for a long time, you might be wary of giving the same type of gift you gave in years prior. If you haven’t been together for very long, you might be unsure how meaningful (and expensive) of a gift to get. There’s also the issue of getting Valentine’s Day Gifts for him, as the stereotype is that men don’t care about this holiday.

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day Gifts for him or for other people who are hard to shop for, we can help. Most articles just give a list of possible ideas, and the same ideas pop up over and over again. Instead of just giving a few sponsored gift ideas, we’re going to give broad categories to help get your imagination going. This will help you come up with a gift that is meaningful and unique to your relationship.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

While many people think that guys don’t care about Valentine’s Day, the reality is that they just find different meaning in the holiday. Many guys don’t like asking for romantic gifts, and many men don’t want huge gifts. Instead, they will usually want something simple and meaningful. This is the same for almost everyone who is difficult to shop for. You don’t need to buy something expensive or go to a high-class restaurant, you just need to show how meaningful they are.

Check out these main categories of gifts that make perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him. Keep in mind the obvious fact that everyone in different. Use your best judgement regarding what they’ll like best based on their own personality.


Chocolate and Sweets

Make no mistake about it, chocolate is the best gift to give someone who is hard to shop for. Chocolate and other sweets are very common gifts on Valentine’s Day, and for good reason. We’ll give you five reasons why chocolate makes a great gift for anyone in 2019:

  1. Valentine's day gifts for himLots of people love it. A great gift for anyone is something that is likely to be enjoyed, and if your special someone has a sweet tooth, they’re bound to appreciate this. You’ll likely have a good idea what their favorite sweets are, but even if you don’t you’ll likely get something they love.
  2. Chocolate makes people happy. Many people have experienced the feeling of instant joy when eating chocolate. This isn’t just something people say, it’s actually a scientific truth! When eating chocolate, chemicals are released in your brain that make you happy. Having the recipient like your gift is one thing, but making someone genuinely happy is the greatest gift that anyone could ask for.
  3. It won’t be an unwanted gift. Whether you’re giving a birthday gift, Valentine’s Gift, or anything else, there’s always a worry of “what if they don’t have use for this?” Luckily, you can eliminate that worry when buying chocolates.
  4. Chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a tradition. This point might mean a little less to some men, but chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a long standing tradition. It fits well into the season, and you can find good seasonal gifts because every candy shop will be selling Valentines-themed products.
  5. Chocolate is a meaningful gift. Giving the gift of chocolate has long been a symbol of love and commitment. If you want to give a meaningful Valentine’s gift, show your love by creating a custom chocolate box filled with classic flavors or specialty flavors that are perfect for them.

If you’re thinking chocolate is the right choice but aren’t sure exactly what kind of candy to buy, browse our store and see what stands out. We also have a section specifically for Valentine’s gifts that will be perfect for any seasonal shopper! For more help, check out our article on choosing the right chocolates. If you still can’t decide, stick with the classics!


A Gift That References an Inside Joke

When searching for Valentine’s Day Gifts for him, you should treat the holiday like any other gift-giving event. No matter the occasion, giving a gift that references an inside joke is always a good idea. This will be meaningful to the two of you, put a smile on their face, and is a gift that lasts a long time.

Like we mentioned with chocolates, many people have a worry that someone won’t have a use for their gift. When it comes to inside jokes, this improves the longevity of your gift, and will help the gift remind them of you. These two things are great goals for any gift, especially on a meaningful day like Valentine’s! Get thinking about some thing that the two of you reference a lot, and look for gifts themed around that. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s themed!


Their Favorite Meal

Valentine's Gifts for Him IdeasWhat a lot of people really want for Valentine’s Day is a nice meal. Sometimes this could mean going out, but it would be even more meaningful if you stay in and cook it yourself. Of course you wouldn’t want to cook it yourself if you can’t cook, but give it a shot if possible!

A home cooked meal allows you to avoid crowds, can actually save some time, and is always more meaningful. This is an especially good option if your special someone doesn’t like romantic things, because a meaningful home cooked meal doesn’t have to feel romantic. Making their favorite meal is a special occurrence that feels routine but also shows your appreciation of the other person. This can also be done in the privacy of your own home which is an added bonus.

You could also try making their favorite sweet treat yourself! This helps mix the traditional sweet Valentine’s Gift with a personal touch that they’ll love!


Something for Their Favorite Hobby

The same logic applies here. Don’t worry about getting something traditional for Valentine’s Day. Getting a gift related to their favorite holiday shows that you know what the other person likes, shows you care and are interested in their hobbies, and also is more likely to be used for a long time.

We can’t give too many specifics because hobbies vary from person to person. Perhaps the hobby is sports, working in the shop, watching movies, or anything else they do in their free time. Get a gift tailored to their personality. If you’re worried that the gift isn’t related to Valentine’s Day (which you shouldn’t be), there’s nothing wrong with adding in a small Valentine’s themed gift such as a miniature chocolate box.

Think about how they spend their free time and what they like to talk about, and get something related to that!


Time Together in their Favorite Way

Probably the best gift to get someone who’s hard to shop for is time together in their favorite way. This can go along well with getting something for their favorite hobby, too! If they love sports, go to a sporting event with them. If they love watching movies, find a film in their favorite genre. No matter what the hobby or activity, show genuine interest and enjoy the moment with them. This will make them incredibly happy, much more than any normal gift can. Again, if you feel the need to give a physical gift along with this, you can’t go wrong with a smaller gift that miniature sea salt caramels, or including a homemade dinner with their perfect activity.

Even though it may seem like men are impossible to shop for on Valentine’s Day, you can often find a perfect gift that is very simple and unique to them. We hope took something away from this article and were able to get some ideas beyond simply buying a watch or cologne.

If you’re still undecided about the perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for him, browse our Valentine’s selection and see if you can find a flavor of chocolate that they’ll love. Our fourth generation family owned chocolate stores make our gourmet chocolate with love and only the finest of ingredients. See below for specific chocolate gift ideas. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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