People normally think of buying a chocolate gift box for romantic celebrations like Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. But a box of gourmet chocolates can be the ideal gift for many other celebrations as well.

Chocolate is the perfect gift because it is loved by almost everyone, regardless of age or gender. HowStuffWorks lists Americans’ top four favorite desserts as fudge, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. All of these contain chocolate. Even if you’re not sure of someone’s particular chocolate preferences, you can choose a box that mixes various types of chocolate.

Consider purchasing chocolate for any of the following reasons.

1. Baby Shower

Guests usually buy baby clothes and toys for baby showers, but the future mother needs some TLC as well. Just think how loved she’ll feel when you show up with a beautiful chocolate gift box.

According to, a moderate amount of chocolate is fine for pregnant women. Some evidence even shows that chocolate could reduce preeclampsia risk.

If your friend is having a girl, consider buying strawberry cheesecake creams. The pink center will fit perfectly with the celebrations.

2. Engagement Party

Toast the soon-to-be newlyweds with a box packed with their favorite sweets. If you want to get something both partners will enjoy, you can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates. In American culture, many people associate chocolate with women. But in reality, most men also enjoy a sweet treat.

So, which chocolate best represents love and passion? Sweet Irish cream truffles and delicate stem cherries are both good choices to celebrate a romantic occasion.

3. Graduation

Giving the graduate a card or money is the norm, but that kind of gift can seem cliché and boring.

You’ll be a hit with the grad and his or her family when you bring a box of a popular yet unique delicacy like caramel bites or marshmallow squares. A box of chocolates can celebrate a difficult achievement and point toward sweeter things to come.

Reasons to get a chocolate box

Sea Salt Caramels are one of the most popular chocolate boxes

4. Moving In

If new neighbors just arrived or old friends are throwing a housewarming party, it’s hard to know what you should bring. One thing people might be short on in their new home is food, so why not bring a dessert?

An assortment of chocolates like butter almond toffees, peanut butter bites, and chocolate mints are all popular choices. Dark pineapple creams are a subtle way to welcome someone to the neighborhood, since pineapples are a symbol of welcome.

5. Birthday

A gift for a child’s birthday usually means a new toy, but what do you give an adult for his or her birthday? A box of gourmet chocolates is a great choice for anyone, no matter what age he or she is turning.

According to Statista, adults ages 18 to 44 consume the most chocolate, at 33%. But adults ages 45 to 64 aren’t far behind, at 31%. Every age group contains plenty of chocolate fans.

For a birthday party, try something crunchy and festive, like pecan alligators.

6. Failing a Test or Another Disappointment

If a friend just had a challenging experience, you want to let them know you’re thinking of them. A box of chocolate can be the perfect way to express your love and friendship.

In fact, dark chocolate stimulates endorphins and can improve mood. Thus, eating a piece of dark chocolate can help your friend feel a little bit happier and little more hopeful.

Occasions for chocolate

A milk chocolate assortment is perfect for any chocolate lover

7. Girls’ Night Out

We mentioned our culture’s association with women and chocolate. Stereotype or not, women love chocolate. According to, 40% of women report chocolate cravings.

Imagine the delight of getting together with girlfriends and gathering around a box of gourmet chocolates. With an assortment of chocolates, everyone can choose their favorites, whether it’s mints, toffees, or caramels.

8. Achieving a Goal

What better way to tell someone congratulations than with a large box of chocolates? Whether your friend just got a promotion, your sibling just won a sport championship, or your coworker just completed a difficult project, reward them with something truly delectable.

If you’re not sure about the recipient’s allergies, steer clear of chocolates containing nuts, pineapple, or coconut. Mints and caramels are safe for most people, though if you’re not sure, you can always ask first.

9. Saying Thank You

When you’re grateful for someone’s presence in your life, saying “thank you” doesn’t seem to be enough. A box of gourmet chocolates can symbolize your gratitude.

You don’t have to write a lengthy thank you note to prove how grateful you are. Simply write “thank you” on the gift box, and let the chocolates say the rest.

Clearly, chocolate gift boxes aren’t just for anniversaries. Chocolates are a great choice for many different types of events, celebrations, and circumstances. Buy a family member or friend a chocolate gift box and make their day a little brighter.

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