Every time of year is associated with each of your five senses. It’s easy to think about what December looks like or feels like. The sounds of December likely have to do with holiday celebrations. What about the taste and smells?

Regardless of where you’re from or how you celebrate, odds are there are a few sweet treats that instantly come to mind when you think of Christmas time. With winter comes a lot of great holiday candies, especially for those who celebrate Christmas.

From peanut brittle to chocolate Santas, the holiday season is a time for sweets and celebration. Hundreds of millions of candy canes, chocolate Santas, and tins of peanut brittle are made each year, and millions of candy gifts are given each year. All of the favorite Christmas candies play an important role in holiday traditions, so knowing which candies are most popular is important when preparing for a celebration or party.


List of All-Time Favorite Christmas Candies

The favorite foods, snacks, and deserts vary greatly from one place to another, but several popular sweets stand out as being widespread in popularity. Here is the list of favorite Christmas Candies, in no particular order:


Candy Canes

Possibly the most iconic Christmas treat, candy canes are used for eating and design. You’ll find them in all sorts of flavors, meaning there’s a candy cane for everyone.


Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark - Favorite Christmas Candies

A Christmas themed offshoot of almond bark. Peppermint bark has a seasonal flavor and appearance, and is loved by many as a hard candy snack.


Butter Toffee

A lot of people eat butter toffee at Christmas time, although it tends to be more regional. This candy flavor is popular in a variety of forms, from fudge to bite sized pieces!



Truffles for Christmas

Christmas parties aren’t complete without gourmet truffles! Plenty of Christmas parties use a variety of truffle flavors as a sweet treat for guests. There are also plenty of seasonally themed truffles available!


Reindeer Food

Every store has a different version of reindeer food, and the very similar “reindeer candy” is very popular right now. These bite sized snacks taste great and are perfect for snacking. The festive design and ability to easily share it makes all the varieties of reindeer food a favorite around this time of year.


Chocolate Santas

Chocolate Santa Face

Chocolate Santas are a perfect stocking stuffer and a gift that kids especially love. They are usually plain milk or dark chocolate, and are shaped to look like Santa Claus. The flavor is available year round, but the design makes it a special holiday treat!


Chocolate Kisses

Great for a variety of situations, chocolate kisses are bite sized and often used with cookies. They are simple, easy to find, and delicious!


Peanut Brittle

Christmas time is a good excuse for a lot of people to indulge on peanut brittle. There’s no real explanation as to why this sweet tastes  best in December, but it has become part of a holiday tradition for many.



These next three treats aren’t really candy, but they are holiday favorites that make your sweet tooth extra happy! Many families make their own fudge around the holidays, coming in a variety of flavors.



Along with candy canes, gingerbread is possibly the most iconic holiday candy that isn’t regularly eaten at other times of the year. Making gingerbread families and houses is an activity that families have been doing for a long time, and it is one of the most well-known Christmas traditions. While it isn’t a traditional candy, it can’t be excluded from this list!


Christmas Cookies

Almost every Christmas party will feature a wide range of home baked Christmas Cookies and other miscellaneous sweets. Making cookies is a tradition that brings families together. Again, this isn’t a candy necessarily, but it is a holiday special with a long tradition of making people happy and tasting great!


Didn’t see your favorite Christmas candies in our list? Comment below what we might have missed! If you’re in the mood for a specific holiday candy, check out our Holiday Selections page. You can find the perfect treat to satisfy your craving, find a Christmas gift for a friend or family member, or find a stocking stuffer. Happy holidays from Abdallah Candies!


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