Every day can be a holiday or some type of reason to celebrate. Thanks to the internet, a number of special days have spread online and have become the cause for celebration for many people.

While following these days, you can discover new celebrations, fun ways to lift your spirits, and good excuses to give gifts to the ones you care about.

Giving chocolate gifts is commonly reserved for Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. However, seven other made-up holidays are quickly gaining steam and becoming optimal choices for chocolate gift giving. Browse through these holidays and see which ones you can celebrate with a gift of chocolate.

1. Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day – January 17th

All of your resolution plans have fallen by the wayside and you give in to your wants or cravings. Known as Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day, January 17th is a great time to either give up completely or have a special cheat day.

Boxes of chocolate are perfect for any type of diet or food change you decided to make in the New Year. Chocolate is an ideal way to celebrate and share in the day with other friends who may have given up on their New Year’s resolution as well.

2. Chocolate Fondue Day – February 5th

Chocolate fondue day is a great way to celebrate dipping chocolate. You can choose to dip it yourself in a chocolate fondue set or purchase a box of chocolates with the candy already dipped and ready to eat. You can even mix in chocolate pieces to a fondue pot for different melting options.

Mix the chocolate with a variety of fruits to have a number of flavor options.

3. Chocolate Mint Day – February 19th

Chocolate and mint mix to create wonderful flavors and all of those great tastes are the focus of Chocolate Mint Day. The easiest way to celebrate this holiday is purchasing and sharing a box of chocolate mint candies. Not only does it taste great, but your mouth will feel fresh because of all the mint flavors.

4. I Want You to Be Happy Day – March 3rd

You don’t have to do much to spread happiness to others and this can be easily done on I Want You to Be Happy Day on March 3rd. The holiday is a great way to spread a little cheer. Small bags of chocolate can be handed out to friends, family, and neighbors as you spread the love and bring some random cheer.

5. Fun at Work Day – April 1st

April Fool’s Day doesn’t always have to be about pranks. April 1st is also considered Fun at Work Day. As spring weather approaches, many people feel down in the office. One of the best ways to help is by spreading some fun with a box of chocolates. They are an ideal conversation starter and can provide a fun snack for any work games or meetings.

6. Junk Food Day – July 21st

Indulge friends and family in some chocolate treats on Junk Food Day. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or enjoying the air conditioning indoors, you can easily and conveniently pick small chocolates and indulge during the warm days of summer. The chocolates would make an ideal dessert to go with other junk food like burgers or pizza.

7. Milk Chocolate Day – July 28th

Milk chocolate is a classic option when it comes to boxed candies, and you cannot go wrong when gifting it. This holiday is ideal for giving the chocolate lovers in your life a special treat they can enjoy and share throughout the day.

Shop for all types of chocolate products at Abdallah. We have a variety of flavors and options to choose from for all your chocolate needs. If you’re choosing for others, keep these tips in mind for making the perfect selection.

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