Choosing chocolates for a gift can be a great option, regardless of how well you know the person. After all, almost everyone loves gourmet chocolate!

When you choose a food-based or chocolate gift for someone, you may feel stuck on your flavor options. Sometimes, such as during anonymous gift exchanges or early relationship celebrations, you may not know the exact preferences of your recipient. Luckily, chocolate is a great gift idea for almost any occasion. So what do you choose?

In this blog, we list four of the most popular chocolate candy types. Chances are your date, coworker, friend, or family member’s favorite confection is on this list.

Caramel Chocolate

A poll conducted by the National Confectioners Association in 2013 showed a clear favorite when it comes to chocolate candies. About 34% of those polled said caramel candies were their favorite and the most likely to get eaten first.

For variety, consider hard, chewy, and liquid caramel-filled chocolates, as well as solid caramel candies. Additionally, classic caramel pairs well with natural sea salt, a variety of nut options, and any color chocolate. You can’t go wrong with this classic.

Nut-Filled Chocolate

The 2013 poll that marked caramel as America’s clear favorite also showed a clear second favorite: nutfilled chocolates. When it comes to nutty confections, you have a range of options that all offer a hint of salt and a satisfying crunch.

Common nut varieties include:

  • Almond, which provides depth of texture and flavor to classic candies
  • Brazil nut and pecan, which may come as a whole nut smothered in chocolate for a complete crunchy bite
  • Praline and hazelnut, which usually impart their flavor without changing the texture dramatically

If you choose to stick with nut-filled goodness, make sure you know your recipient’s food allergies. Even chocolates processed or boxed with nut-filled candies can have a negative effect on those with tree nut allergies.

Liquid Filled Chocolates

For the daring candy gift-giver, the National Confectioners Association poll showed a bold third choice: liquid filling. The poll ranked chocolate ganache-filled candies as the third most popular, but your options for liquid fillings hardly stop there.

Liquid fillings create a luxurious burst of flavor hidden within a hard chocolate shell. In addition to chocolate-lover favorites like ganache, you can also opt for chocolate cordials. Cordials come in classic cherry and rum, as well as exotic choices like raspberry and blueberry.

Creme and Buttercream

If you know that your gift recipient has an insatiable sweet tooth, consider creme and buttercream fillings. These rich candies come in a wide variety of flavors, each with a soft, tantalizing center.

Common creme choices include the following:

  • Coconut, peanut butter, and vanilla nut for a smooth and nutty flavor
  • Orange, raspberry, and apricot fruits which harmonize perfectly with rich chocolate
  • Mint, violet, and rose for fresh, natural flavors

Buttercream candies come in a similar range, but they often have a richer and more sugary flavor than traditional creme fillings. Choose mocha, vanilla, or hazelnut buttercream to truly satisfy anyone’s chocolatey cravings.


If you aren’t sure what your gift recipient will like, don’t be afraid to opt for an assortment. Most people (even picky ones) can find candies to enjoy in an assorted box.

If you have limited information, consider choosing a themed assortment. For example, if you know that your partner prefers milk chocolate, but don’t know his or her favorite filling, choose an all-milk chocolate box.

Browse Abdallah Candies and Gifts’ assorted candy boxes now to find the right mixture, or create your own box to give a truly perfect, customized gift.

For best results, choose quality chocolates, regardless of the type you decide on. Learn more about finding the best quality candies from our blog “Buying Chocolate? 6 Secrets to Find the Highest Quality Chocolates.” This helps make sure you receive the best possible value and taste in your chocolate gifts.

Stick to these classic flavors to ensure that you give a gift your recipient will love on any occasion.

Finally, if you want to avoid choosing chocolates that might not be a hit, remember to stick with an assortment. You can find our milk chocolate assortment here, and dark chocolate assortment here.

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