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Chocolate Truffle Variety


Nothing quite compares to the smooth, liquid sensation of a chocolate truffle melting in your mouth. That pleasure only intensifies when you buy your truffles from a quality provider. If you have a chocolate craving you need to satisfy, peruse the selection at Abdallah Candies And Gifts. We use only quality ingredients with natural flavors, so our chocolate will deliver a singular experience you'll never forget.


Since 1909, we have proudly used family recipes to create our candies. Our selection of chocolate truffles includes typical, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate varieties in the following flavors:


Milk Chocolate


  • Regular milk chocolate
  • Milk chocolate and amaretto Milk chocolate and French silk


Dark Chocolate


  • Regular dark chocolate
  • Double dark chocolate
  • Dark chocolate and champagne
  • Dark chocolate and Grand Marnier
  • Dark chocolate and mocha
  • Dark chocolate and raspberry


White Chocolate


  • Regular white chocolate
  • White chocolate and Irish cream


Our truffles come in 8 1/4 oz. trays of 21 pieces each. You can also order our chocolates in three tier assortment boxes or 10 1/4 oz. boxes of assorted whipping cream truffles. We also offer you the option to order our truffles in boxes of two, six, or eight trays with our other candies.


Whether you need sweet treats to entertain or simply for your own pleasure, we'll ensure that you receive only the best. Our fourth-generation, family-owned company knows what it takes to create delectable candies that you'll remember tasting for years to come. We take pride in making chocolate an affordable luxury that everyone can enjoy.


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