Spring Candy & Easter Candy

Hop Into Happiness with Springtime Sweets

Everyone agrees that our Spring Selection is a great way to usher in the changing season. Our Spring Candy options compliment the season perfectly, as their bright pastel colors, festive designs, and delicious tastes bring about happiness for many. As the snow melts, birds chirp, bunnies hop about, and colorful flowers start to grow, celebrate with gourmet springtime sweets from Abdallah Candies. We offer exquisite seasonal packaging, flavors that remind you of spring, and special treats like chocolate bunnies and birds. Giving chocolates and bright flowers in Spring is the perfect gift or snack to share with your family. Get your family together under the spring sunlight and enjoy the season’s finest sweets today.

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Spring Candy Selection

Spring Selection for your Spring Fever

Just like every other season, our Spring chocolate collection features beautiful seasonal packaging for our classic candies and seasonal favorites. Find tastes that remind you of Spring and satisfy your Spring fever. All our chocolates use only the finest ingredients possible, and are made with love by our fourth generation family owned company. When buying from Abdallah Candies, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting high quality chocolates that look great and taste even better. Get a taste of Spring by shopping our complete selection!

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Easter Candy and Gifts

Easter Candy From Our Family to Yours

No Spring Selection would be complete without Easter Candy. Giving our gourmet chocolate eggs or bunnies is an Easter tradition that families across the country love and look forward to year round. We take our favorite flavors and turn them into chocolate eggs, which makes for a perfect prize for the winner of your family’s scavenger hunt, or a festive treat to leave out at a gathering. Find unique egg flavors you can’t get anywhere else, including sea salt caramel, french silk, or chocolate marshmallow. No matter how your family celebrates Easter, our candies can help sweeten the season even more. Browse our complete Easter selection to find the perfect treat to share with your family for this special time of year.

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  • Fruit Jelly Beans

  • Assorted Miniature Spring Truffles

  • Licorice Jelly Beans

  • Spice Jelly Beans

  • Spring Tiers

  • Mini Spring Sea Salt Caramels

  • Spring Pecan Grizzly® ~ 12 ct

  • Spring Cashew Grizzlies®

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