Unique Ways People Around the World Enjoy Chocolate

It's hard not to love chocolate. Its versatile nature makes it easy for any person to find a type they like, whether they prefer the creamy sweetness of milk chocolate or the bitter tang of dark chocolate. And because chocolate pairs so well...

4 Popular Chocolate Myths Dissolved

Statistics estimate that we eat an average of 7.2 million tons of chocolate worldwide every year. In the US, about 1 in 4 adults will eat a minimum of one candy each day, with chocolate representing about 50% of their intake. As chocolate plays a significant role in...

Dark, White, or Milk? The Three Basic Chocolates

Chocolate is one of the world's favorite treats, and there is no end to the varieties available. From traditional fillings like caramel to more exotic offerings like chocolate-covered potato chips (a favorite in Japan), you'll likely never get tired of eating...

Chocolate and Cardiovascular Health: Why Not to Dechox

You may have heard about a health fad that has been gaining popularity in recent months: "dechox". The idea is that by completely eliminating chocolate from your diet, you improve your overall health and strengthen your heart. A detox with chocolate. Paying attention...

7 Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate

If you feel the need to nibble on a chocolate bar throughout your day, you're not alone. A Psychology Today study reports that Americans crave chocolate more than any other food item. But when you feel the urge to indulge in the rich taste of quality chocolate, an...

A Sensory Experience: Taste Chocolate Like an Expert

Imagine the taste of your favorite chocolate: the rich color, the sound it makes as you take a bite, the tantalizing smell. When you bite into a high-quality chocolate bar or truffle, you don't just delight your taste buds-all of your senses get involved to give you a...

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